October 21, 2018

A Wealth of Generosity

How else can we describe God's gracious care for his children? He provides food, drink, house, home...you know how that list goes. His care extends in ways we often don't even notice. And when it happens that we don't have things that we wish we had, well, God has a way of quickly reminding us that we are still richly blessed when it comes to the needs of this life.

But if you really want to talk about a "wealth of generosity," then the place to turn is God's own act of self-giving. Remember that the very act of creating the world was a profound demonstration of the giving nature of God. Then, because of our rebellion against God, he gave again, this time, his only Son to save us from sin and death. And the giving continues as the Holy Spirit comes to us again and again through the Gospel and Sacraments to bring us life and keep us in Christ. Now that's a wealth of generosity!

October 21 is Stewardship Sunday at St. Paul's. The Board of Stewardship would like to impress on you the importance of your participation, though perhaps not for the reason you might think. Yes, the pledges are taken into consideration as the church and school budget is prepared for the coming year. But far more importantly, pledging provides an opportunity for you to ponder the "wealth of generosity" that God has and continues to shower on you. Yes, we all have financial needs and many of us struggle to make ends meet. The completion of your pledge card is an opportunity to let God remind you that he is still taking care of you and to trust that he will! And if your financial situation is more secure, this is a time to consider God's challenge to you: are you ready to let God's generosity toward you overflow like it did for the Macedonian Christians so long ago as you give yourself first to the Lord and then give more deeply from the gifts he has given you in order to continue the work of his Church?