Pr. Gregory's Last Service & Farewell Luncheon

The Transfiguration of Our Lord
Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015

For all of us at St. Paul’s, Sunday Feb. 15, 2015 will be remembered as a day of both sorrow and joy. When Pr. Gregory announced several weeks ago that he had accepted the call to be pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in 

Westminster, MA, we knew the day of departure would soon be at hand.  While this provided us with a wonderful opportunity to express our overwhelming thanks and deep love for him and his family, it also brought many tears as we wished we did not have to bid them goodbye.

Yet we know that Pr. Gregory is following the call of our Lord Jesus Christ and will be an excellent shepherd to our brothers and sisters in Westminster. So we give thanks to God for the time that He gave Pr. Gregory to serve here in Ft. Wayne, not only as pastor at St. Paul’s, but also as a faithful voice of God in the midst of this community through his prayers and his actions with Shepherds United and the Allen County Right to Life. With love in our hearts for Pr. Gregory, Kristen, Mary, Marta, Lazarus, and “baby”, we say farewell for now, thanking God that we shall meet again, if not for some of us in this life, then surely for all of us in our heavenly home above.

God Bless You!


 Pr. Gregory delivering the Transfiguration Sunday sermon "Listen to Him".



Pr. Gregory serving the Blood of Christ to Pr. Cage.



Pr. Gregory blessing the children at the communion rail.



Pr. Gregory helping Mary select from all the delicious dishes.



Pr. Greogy, Mary, Kristen, and Marta selecting their luncheon choices
while conversing with Sue Keck.



Pr. Gregory hugging Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer.



Pr. Gregory accepting a gift from chairman Dan Ernst.



Pr. Gregory and Pr. Cage hug one another.



Pr. Greogry receiving the heartfelt love and thanks
of his parishoners at the luncheon.



A final benediction from our beloved Pr. Gregory.


(Photos by Bob & Janice Heniser. Thank you Bob & Janice.)