Sunday Adult Bible Class (9:45-10:45 am)


     Nerger Assembly Room

Pastor Cage is leading us in “This Mystery…Which is Christ In You” through November 18. We'll focus on this "mystery" that God reveals to us in His living Word (via St. Paul)--that Jesus Christ actually lives inside His believers--and how this Biblical teaching of "Christ in you" is so important to our daily life.


ChapelTen Commandments Window

Mr. Marinko is leading us in “Relationships” through November 18. When talking to our children about forming relationships, what things should parents keep in mind as they seek to guide their children in a God-pleasing way?  


Wednesday Midweek Classes

Bacon, Eggs & the Bread of Life
7:00 am Wednesday
Chrome Plated Diner, 3434 N. Anthony Blvd.

We are presently going through the Prophet Micah. Everyone is cordially invited to attend!


Wednesday Afternoon Bible Class

1:30 pm. Library


“Job: God’s Suffering Servant” – Amid human tragedy and suffering and satanic attack, the LORD shows He is our Redeemer despite what we may experience in this life.