Sunday Adult Bible Class (9:45-10:45 am)


Nerger Assembly Room
Adult Bible Class

Title: God's Word in Our Language: How did we get our Bible? And which version is the best? Dr. Cameron MacKenzie will answer the first and provide suggestions for answering the second in his presentation on the history of the Bible in the English language during the Bible Class hour on the Sundays in January. He will discuss issues of language and text that arise in connection with every translation.  He will also examine the theological contexts out of which particular Bibles have come like the King James Bible, the New International Version, and the English Standard Version. 

Ten Commandments Window


Wednesday Midweek Classes

Bacon, Eggs & the Bread of Life
7:00 am Wednesday

     @ Chrome Plated Diner at 3434 N Anthony 

We are continuing through the Psalms. Everyone is cordially invited to attend!


Wednesday Afternoon Bible Class  1:30 pm. Nerger Room

1 Corinthians--Against struggles with sexual immorality, idolatry and spiritual pride, St. Paul brings the antidote of God's Wisdom in "Christ crucified," the Spirit's sanctifying work in our Baptism, receiving the Lord's Supper, and the certainty of the resurrection for our life in Christ.