Online Bible Studies

"The Miracles of Jesus"
with Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer

Dr. Scaer talks about the miracles of Jesus as written in chapters 8 and 9 of the gospel of Matthew. Recorded May and June 2020.

Session #1 (16:34)    Ten miracles of mercy & healing that "cleanse"
Session #2 (15:34)    Miracles as signs of resurrected bodies & souls
Session #3 (12:03)    The ultimate cost of our healing is Jesus' death
Session #4 (17:09)    A storm rocks the boat (the church); Jesus saves
Session #5 (17:49)    Jesus frees from the bondage of demons (sin) 

"St. Paul - Persecuter and Preacher"
with Pastor Peter Cage

Pastor Cage studies the apostle Paul, first as a persecutor of the followers of Christ and subsequently a called apostle, evangelist and missionary of Jesus Christ. Recorded June and July 2020.

Session #1 (40:22)    Saul/Paul speaks of his persecuting the "Way" (Acts 22)
Session #2 (45:16)    Saul, "breathing threats", confronted by Jesus (Acts 9)
Session #3 (37:02)    The "gift" of abundant sufferings (various Epistles)
Session #4 (35:38)    A catalog of sufferings bind Paul (us) to Christ (2 Cor. 6)
Session #5 (48:55)    Paul and Silas imprisoned at Philippi (Acts 16)
Session #6 (45:21)    Paul's sufferings at Philippi for the sake of Christ
Session #7 (46:51)    Paul's return to Jerusalem (Acts 21)
Session #8 (44:36)    Paul arrested at the Jerusalem temple (Acts 21 & 22)
Session #9 (40:18)    Final session; Paul - prisoner & proclaimer of Christ